Your Why?

Here is mine…
And it all goes back to Sophomore year of college in LaCrosse, WI… glory days as Chip Gaines would say and man oh man were they ever.  Talk about being on top of the world… and out of control- that was yours truly.  Some of you knew me back then but for those of you who didn’t you may have a hard time believing  these ‘stories’ I tell you, but I and my parents can testify that my glory days led me to seek a deeper purpose and meaning in my life and my WHY for my yoga practice.  Most of my college days were spent waking up at 11am to realize that yet again I had missed 2 of my morning classes,  I would then proceed to make it back home to my place to get ready for the day.  Some afternoon’s I would attend class and some days I wouldn’t, but I can tell you every social event I would not dare be late for and for those of you who know me I am pretty much fashionably late all the time, but again not for the party scene!!  As the song goes I felt like ‘the party didn’t start till I walked in.’  Again this was my on top of the world attitude shining brightly.  Eventually of all my non educational extracurricular activities caught up with me and I started having panic attacks when I wasn’t comfortably numb from some substance.  The spiral began… I woke up with anxiety until I would drink and then I would be relaxed again… this went on and on and on until one day I finally had an awakening moment… as I was driving from LAX to Rapids I heard an infomercial on the radio (dating myself now with the infomercial and radio right!!) and I felt as if this lady was speaking right to me.  It was after that car ride that my life slowly but surely began to shift.  I started working on me in a healthy, positive way.  I started educating myself about anxiety and depression instead of being scared of it, I started fueling my mind and body with the good stuff, the stuff that wasn’t going to leave me feeling depleted, anxious, lonely and sad the next day.  I felt a sense of control of my thoughts, emotions and actions that I had NEVER felt before.  I attended my first yoga class in a gym and after my first class I swore I would never go back to that ever again… this zen stuff was not for me plus I still had a hard time taming my monkey mind in final relaxation.  But that night I decided that yoga was going to be a part of the healthy new me so I went back again and again and again… I was hooked and as a person who had addictive tendencies whenever something felt good I  wanted more of it and yoga was my strength to my previous kryptonites.  I was attending 3 classes a week and noticed that the more I practiced on the mat the better I showed up for the world off my mat.  The ripple effect was in full effect once again but this time it was spiraling in the right direction.  The spirals in my life the good and the bad didn’t happen overnight- they both took time, but these days I choose to make the choices that will continue to make me spiral in the right direction.
We obviously know where my story is right now but I can tell you 110% that you would not be receiving this email from me today if it wasn’t for my yoga practice that I started then.  Did I ever think that this is something that I would be doing with my life… NO WAY, back in the day I never even thought about a career, I had a hard enough time just showing up for a job.  But as we all know things in our life happen for a reason, and as hard and dark as some of those days were it was worth it because I truly feel like through those days I have found my true self, passion and purpose for my life here on this earth.  Yoga has taught me SO many different things, but if I had to narrow down my top 10 they would be:I am stronger than I ever thought I was Confidence isn’t built by looking outside yourself it is built by looking withinSelf care is NOT selfishA little deep breathing  goes along wayYour story can help othersDo not be ashamed of your past it has brought you to where you are todayTrust that if you can imagine it you can do it, be it and achieve itYou have a toolbox of resources within youLife isn’t always fair, but you have the CHOICE as to how you will reactSTOP… really stop and look around you and realize that life is beautiful, it is a gift, enjoy each and every moment; there is a reason why it is called the present.I love to connect with others and I feel like the more you share your story with others the more they will share with you.  Please feel free to share a little of your WHY with me.

Let’s stay connected my yogi friends!
Tarah Mancl

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