Join us at The Wellness Barn for this special 90 minute event! Last month we had a sell out crowd for Yoga and Massage and this event offers another healing component… vibrational sound healing! In this session you will be placed in restorative yoga poses with supportive props so your body will be able to relax and receive the best from the massage that you will receive from Jen Feit and vibration sound bowl therapy from Amy Karpinski. Vibration Sound Therapy combines powerful vibrations and sound to introduce an immediate relaxed state. The applied use of sound and intention can be a pathway to the meditative state that is both therapeutic and enjoyable, bowls will be used on and around your body. Enjoy a sound bowl concert before class and ease into a relaxed state as we close the session with a meditation from the sound bowls. Yoga, massage AND vibration sound therapy… arrange a safe ride home because you will be too relaxed to drive 🙂 Stay after and enjoy light refreshments and some goodies from The Main Grain. It will be a morning to remember. Register soon before it gets filled like the last class!